Are ABrechko products made in the USA? Yes, everything is handmade in my studio here in Windsor, NY from locally harvested or reclaimed wood.  I try my best to support local businesses and USA manufactures in my product components.

How do I customize my piece?  If there is not an option for customization on the order form, you can always contact me and I will do my best to meet your design needs.

What types of wood do you use?  Most of my products are made with locally harvested American Cherry.  Although I can't really say that this wood 100% reclaimed, the wood I use is a byproduct of the lumber manufacturing processes.  I save this wood and make into something beautiful, instead of it being turned into a chemically treated wood product.  I also use local walnut and maple when requested.  

What type of finish do you use?  All of my pieces are finished with food-grade mineral oil, making them hypo-allergenic and food safe.  As a result in high temperatures, your wood may weep oil.  This is normal for this environmentally safe oil finish.